This level is like level 1, but there are more enemies, water to swim, and more gates.

A.k.a the lawn level. This level is huge and requires a lot of exploring you can often get tons of points, has old easy enemies and is just a fun level for most gamers. The level also has a lot of different paths and you can get a
Photo 426

Rollie being confronted and attacked from a regular fire ant solider in the lawn level (level 2).

lot of Bonus points from completing the level and having all of the power ups, lady bugs and clovers.

There is also a lot of keys which also means a lot of gates/doors. In each gate/door their is at least one lady bug or clover.

Behind boulders are mostly where the blue clovers are located this may sound easy but a lot of the time there are a lot of boulders in 1 area. So this is why their is a lot of exploring needed.


Photo 429

The level is very vast and what players call camps are very common in this are this means their are alot of lady bugs stuck in traps. Which also means you can get a lot of points for this level. Use your ball time a lot in this level to get rid of all of those pesky boxer flies there is also a lot of mushrooms in this level so you can refill often.