Rollie on throne and Thorax in cage

The Ant King (Level 10) is the tenth and final level of the 1999 Macintosh video game Bugdom. The goal of the level is to control pillbug Rollie McFly and defeat King Thorax. His throne room has a lot of water pipes give it a kick and water will spurt out. you may roam and kick some walnuts to stock up if you like but be aware of the fire-breathing ants that stay around the throne room awaiting you.


As you walk you'll see him. If the top of his head is on fire and his Sceptor in his hand is glowing then he's invincible and will shoot fire-balls like the ones from the Dragonfly in levels 4 and 5 but these WILL hurt you. Use the water from the pipes to drench the fire and fire-blazing Sceptor. Once they're out he vulnerable so kick him and according to players Ball-smashing will do more damage. Repeat until health bar is depleted.

Once he's defeated, Peace in Bugdom is restored but for good?