Overview Edit

This is the first boss you encounter in the game, taking place after Level 4 (The Forest/Garden) and before Level 6 (The Hive)

The Level Details Edit

The level is simply built like an arena with a single tree in the middle and the huge hive hanging from the branch.

Around the area near the fence, there are several dragonflies ready for battle. Jump on one to begin attacking the hive with it's fireballs.

Since you're still in the Forest area, the same dangers as the previous level are still present, dis-including Fire Ants and Human Feet. Spiders roam around the base of the tree as well as Caterpillars. The Worker Bees fly high up in the sky around the fence and near the hive, they are drawn closer to you while you're riding a dragonfly.

Seeing as there's a fence, the danger of the Bat are still present, causing a life to be lost or an instant game over (If you don't have any more lives) if you fly higher than the fence.

Story Edit

Rollie needs to get into the hive to see the Queen, but the Bees have proven to be hostile towards him and they locked the door leading into the hive. Rollie is going to get in there, and if he has to fight his way in, so be it. He won't be going down without a fight.

Strategy Edit

The Level is plain and simple, you need to get on top of the many dragonflies waiting around the area and start shooting fireballs from the dragonflies at the hive until the health bar at the bottom depletes, setting the hive on fire.

Once the hive bursts into flames, the level should automatically be complete.