Queen BeeEdit


Rollie besides the Queen bee in level 7

She only appears on level 7 as the second boss and the first insect boss. The only way to defeat (or kill) her is to Ball-form into her, as she is incredibly strong and kicking her will not have any effect.


She flies a lot making it difficult to attack so wait for her to land and then ball-form into her.

And She'll shoot out these honey blobs that when you make contact with one of those blobs out come little larvas (when she reaches her half point flying bees will come out instead of larva).

The only hazards are the Worker bees the roam around. and the shadows the lift out spikes that harm you

Once you defeat her you win and move on to the midnight hills (level 8)


  • According to Nanosaur4ever on youtube he gives the Queen Bee a name: Queen Honey of Sting