The Lawn (also known as Lord of the Lawn) is the second level of the 1999 video game Bugdom. The second level of bugdom contains very similar surroundings to the first level, but poses much more of a threat to the player, due to more enemies, more gates, and a generally larger map. Most of the enemies in this level are the same as in the previous level, but there are much more out to get you. This level also explores a few more features of the game as a whole, such as large puddles of water Rollie must swim to cross.


To pass through this level, you will need to find a green key, to enter the green gate, in which you will find a blue key, which obviously opens the red gate, and inside the red gate you can find a purple key, to carry on, and from that point on there are some optinal keys, which you will need to get to rescue more ladybugs, and ending with another blue key which will lead to the ending log.



The level is very large and requires a lot of exploring. There is one camp in this level. (A fan-given term used to descibe a large area filled with enemies and ladybugs.) This particular one is hidden behind the purple gate. A large amount of lady bugs are located here so it is a very good idea to explore here thouroughly if you are playing for a high-score. But beware, there are many enemies in this area!

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